York County Law Enforcement

Just got back from York County in Eastern Pennsylvania where I had the honor of flying for a group of law enforcement professionals. Before landing my Phantom 3, I snapped a group selfie of this fine group. From left to right you see me (I’m the guy with the drone.); David Sterner, Chief of Operations, Ruppert Detective Agency (blue shirt with hand on his chin); Chief Brian Rizzo of Northeastern Regional Police Department NERPD, Detective Brian O’Melko, NERPD (blue shirt); Darryl Albright, Chief of York County Detectives and far right in the bright red shirt is Paul Pelaia, Commander of the York County QRT, or “Quick Response Team.”

After flying the Phantom 3 and the Inspire One Pro around NERPD HQ and the surrounding neighborhood, talk in the group was the Phantom 3 would be a better choice for their work since it is smaller, quieter and has a lower profile target. Price also makes the Phantom 3 their best option since they anticipate doing a lot of flying in high-risk situations.


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