We promised you three ways to elevate your buyer’s perspective with aerial video… and here they are…

Produce a Short Video Tour of Your Listing.

It’s a scientifically proven fact viewer attention begins to decline sharply after 42 seconds.  One reason for this is many videos are simply not compelling. Poor quality video, haphazard editing and poor shots can all detract from a viewer’s experience.  Aerial video is naturally compelling.  The easy flow and unique perspective captivates viewers and keeps them engaged.  When assembled well, an aerial video can draw the viewer in and help them visualize living in your listing.  A short video can be the “teaser” video that makes a potential buyer want to see more of the property either via a longer video or personal walk-through.

Here you can see an example of a 40 second look at a million dollar listing.   Notice how it draws you in?  Do you want to see more of this property?  That’s where integrating a second, longer video can separate your property marketing effort from the average realtor.

Expand the Teaser Video into a Long-Form Video Tour with Commentary.

Now that you’ve caught the attention of a potential buyer with your short video tour, draw them in further with a well-produced long-form video.  Including commentary from the previous owner, neighbors and yourself alongside compelling aerial video may be the tool that closes the deal with your buyer.  “Meeting” their neighbors, seeing the neighborhood and receiving honest information via a longer video could make the difference between a buyer feeling at home or walking away.  Check out our long-form video example here.

Compelling Video and Word of Mouth Sells Homes!

Right now, you’re probably thinking you could shoot a pretty good video listing using your smartphone.  While you may be the next Steven Spielberg of family videos, the reality is a poorly produced video can make or break a listing.

We’ve all seen listing photos with the cat’s tail in the corner of the image, or the agent’s reflection in the bathroom mirror. Although these things seem minor, they detract from a potential buyer’s ability to picture themselves living in a home.

The equipment used by a professional drone pilot reveals the true feeling of a home. A professional’s UAV captures more detail than even the best smartphones. A cinematographer knows how to frame shots, using lighting and angles to their advantage.

Besides this, a well-produced web-ready video is shareable on social media and via email.  Aerial video, by nature, is compelling and will be shared over and over.  This increases your social reach and aids in word-of-mouth selling efforts.  By adding aerial video to your home marketing toolbox, you can easily bridge the gap between the sign in the yard and using social media and other electronic methods to sell your property.  That’s free advertising with an unlimited reach!

Bottom line – you need to put your customers’ needs first. While all forms of marketing should encourage your audience to eventually do business with you, 75% of a real estate agent’s business comes from referrals and word of mouth. With aerial video the first words out of a satisfied customer’s mouth will be “Wow! That aerial video really sold my house.”

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