As a realtor, you know the value of carefully staging a home for sale.  Now that you’ve done that and have considered the benefits of utilizing aerial video when marketing a home, here are five steps that will ensure your aerial video is a success.

1. Talk to Your Pilot Before Shooting.

  • Walk the property with your pilot and plan shots. Consider the property from the perspective of a potential buyer and what they might see on a reasonable path around the property.  The video needs to flow well to be effective and engaging.
  • Make sure your pilot knows what aspects of the property you want highlighted so he can plan the best way to obtain shots while avoiding challenging aspects like wires, trees and people.
  • Want to set a particular mood or tell a story about the listing?  Your pilot is your best resource for making sure your potential buyers get the sentiment you desire.

2.  Determine the Best Time to Shoot.

  • Sunset offers better depth while sunrise has less wind.  Flying a drone in windy situations can be dangerous to property, people and the drone.
  • Have accent lighting?  Try shooting at sunrise or sunset to show off your listing’s lighting features.
  • The direction your listing faces is also critical.  Plan your shoot time around optimal lighting times to avoid overexposed or underexposed areas due to bright sunlight or dark shadows.

3.  Prepare the exterior of the property.

  • Turn on all the interior and exterior lights.  Illumination creates the illusion of life happening in the property.
  • Water the driveway and sidewalks.  Wet surfaces provide great reflections and can add a dramatic effect to an otherwise bland part of the image.
  • Remove vehicles from the driveway.  Potential buyers need to be able to imagine their vehicles in the driveway to feel more at home.
  • Close garage doors.  Aerial video will expose any clutter so keep doors closed to hide stuff!

4.  Touch up landscaping.

  • Put fresh mulch in garden beds.  Fresh mulch will add a pop of color to the landscape and enhance the beauty of your property in the video.
  • Trim bushes and trees.  Tidy yards translate into better looking video.
  • Water the lawn so it is fresh and green.  A green lawn is always more inviting.

5. Consider Property Extras.

  • Does the listing have a pool, hot tub, spectacular deck or even a cozy fire pit?  Bring it to life by adding people to the shot.  Help your potential buyers see themselves enjoying the amenities your listing offers.
  • Ensure the property extras are clean and uncluttered.  Put away toys, tools and anything else that doesn’t need to be in the shot.

If you follow these few easy tips, your listing will shine in aerial video.  Call Chuck at Pennsylvania SkyOps to learn more about aerial videography and how we can take your home marketing plans to new heights.

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