Section 333 Exemption

The response to my drone videos has been incredible. The Logan Town Center videos have gotten over 10,000 views! Thanks for checking them out.

Your interest, combined with the FAA approving our Section 333 Exemption, has us flying commercially now at Pennsylvania SkyOps.

We provide a broad range of high resolution aerial photography and cinematography services that include:

– Residential and Commercial Real Estate
– Building Inspection (Roofs, Chimneys, Structure)
– Construction Sites and Architecture
– Insurance Claims
– Promotions for Country Clubs / Golf Courses / Wineries
– Agriculture applications
– Private Events such as weddings, family reunions

When our drones are finished with the aerial media production, our team can perform post-production services to complete your project. We edit videos to create the look and feel you want to include sound, coloring, visual special effects and more.

Pennsylvania SkyOps is Central Pennsylvania’s only Section 333 drone operation. We also carry $2-million dollars in bodily injury and property damage insurance so your flight is worry free.

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