Community Videos

Location. Location. Location. It’s still the buyer’s top priority. When you’re the only agent in your area providing this type of video, you jump to the head of the pack. Community videos are especially effective for families moving in from out of the area. The community video can show buyers:

  • School buildings in the district.  Take it a step further and add graphics to the tour that show data about the school – ranking, enrollment, etc.
  • Shopping, restaurants and the nightlife in the area.  People are social animals and knowing this before moving can help them decide if a neighborhood is right for them.
  • Parks, recreation and public transportation.  A person has got to get around.  They can observe traffic patterns and accessibility via aerial video.
  • Condition of the neighborhood.  Besides location, condition of a neighborhood can break a property deal.  A buyer wants to know his investment has a future.

Community videos can be evergreen, meaning they can be used for longer periods of time or they can be customized for each listing.  It all depends on your objectives and what you think will best sell your listing.

How-To Videos

One of the most used search terms is “how-to”, so why not give your buyers and sellers the information they need in a video? Here are just a few topics that would make excellent videos.

  • How to improve curb appeal
  • How to stage a home for showings
  • How to choose a home inspector
  • How to choose mortgage company

Educational Videos

It may be the first time or even awhile since many of your buyers have bought or sold a home.  Create educational videos showing them what happens through each phase of buying or selling a home.  Clients can have a million questions that eat up your time, having video education resources available can help you answer those questions quickly so you can focus on the important part of your job – getting homes sold!

Professional Profile or “About Me” Video

A profile video introduces you and your services to the consumer. Sounds simple enough, but do you have “it?”

What is “it?”

“It” is the ability to connect with the viewer by being authentic and making them feel your passion for what you do. If you have “it”, a professional profile can be very effective in getting a potential buyer or seller to pick up the phone and call you.

The danger is it could have the opposite and equally powerful effect. Before committing to a professionally produced video, shoot one on your cell phone and show it to an informal focus group of family, friends or colleagues. The key is checking your ego at the door, and your “focus group” has to promise not to spare your feelings if they find your performance is poor.

These four suggestions are all proven ways to turn up your marketing strategies.  Aerial video doesn’t have to showcase a home only.  It can showcase you, your services and everything else in between.

Let’s talk and get you started on your aerial marketing video campaign today.

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