Save Your UAVs Life

When I have a busy shooting day the process of breaking down my Inspire 1, and putting it back in its case takes time I just don’t have. I’ve found this to be a great way to save time and keep the UAV secure. Take off the props and strap the Inspire 1 in with your seatbelt. It also saves wear and tear on the locking mechanism and delicate contacts for the gimbal and camera. If a seatbelt can save your life it can save your Inspire.



Problems With Updating Phantom Firmware

I’ve had a difficult time getting my Phantom 3 to recognize the .bin files required to do a firmware update. If you run into the situation where you power-up the aircraft, with a formatted SD card and only the .bin file in the root directory, and the Phantom goes directly to writing the DCIM file and not unpacking and installing the .bin file, I believe it is because the Phantom is very finicky about the formatting of the SD card.

I’m using a MacBook Pro with a Windows 10 partition and a Sony DuoPro card reader attached by USB.

This is the procedure I followed formatting in Mac:

  1. Formatted the microSD card in the SD card reader using Disk Utility and the MS-DOS format
  2. Downloaded the .bin file from DJI
  3. Copied the .bin file to the microSD card in the DuoPro reader
  4. Ejected the microSD card
  5. Placed the microSD card in the Phantom and powered it up

Here is the weird part. The other choice for formatting in Disk Utility is ExFat. I couldn’t get that to work. My luck with formatting in Windows 10 to a microSD in an adapter in the SD slot on the Mac was also unsuccessful using ExFat, NTFS, and the recommended FAT32.

I can’t say for use, but not using the adapter made the difference for me.

I’ve set aside the microSD card that worked and plan to use it for all future updates. I’ve left the last version of the .bin file on the drive to make sure the new .bin file is next in the release sequence. I learned the hard way that you can’t skip an update to the Phantom firmware. If you are on 1.6 and try to update to 1.8, the update will fail.

After I have the new .bin file on the drive I delete the old file and then power-up the Phantom.


Keep Your Props Turning!

Onagofly Still Grounded

No luck on getting the props turning on my Onagofly. Two opposite warnings / indications from the aircraft. The first is the phone display shows GPS as not available, but the indicator lights on the tail of the drone are flashing blue, which means a GPS signal is available. Second the display says my battery is at only 10% but no flashing reds, or low battery alarm on the done either. To make matters worse, when I started the camera to record my flight, the phone display distorted to the point I couldn’t see the controls.  It’s new to the market, so I’ll keep posting my progress for other Onafgofly pilots having trouble.

Onagofly Fail

WARNING to new Onagofly pilots. TURN ON OBJECT AVOIDANCE BEFORE YOU LAUNCH FOR THE FIRST TIME. Flying with your phone takes some practice. After a few minutes I got close to a wall and thought, no problem, object avoidance will protect me. Wrong! Documentation/Support is lacking. After the crash the app says to turn on GPS mode. No where in the set-up can I find how to do that. No luck on line either. Disappointed so far. Maybe my opinion will change if I can get it back in the air.

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