Hangar 360

I’ve been taking part in the Hangar 360 beta test of their app that shoots 360 degree aerial photos. Click here to see a late winter 360 of my neighborhood in Central Pennsylvania. The app automatically captures 23 images which are uploaded to the cloud and stitched together. My image was shot with a Phantom 4.

If you fly real estate jobs I think the 360 shots are great for contextualizing a home in its neighborhood. I can see many uses for these 360’s.

Before starting-up the Hangar 360 app I run the DJI app and configure the compass, and take a look at the camera settings. Once that is done I go to the Hangar app. All you do is follow is follow the prompts and confirm a few check list items. When you press the launch button the app does a five second countdown, automatically launches the aircraft and takes it to 300 feet where it shoots the photos and asks you if you like to automatically land the UAV, continue flying, or land it yourself.

Once the UAV is back on the ground you can automatically load the photos to the cloud from the drone, or wait until later when you have WiFi or a faster connection. I uploaded right after I landed and once the upload is complete the app will have a thumbnail from the flight and the word processing over the thumbnail.

The entire flight process took less than 15 minutes. I had the link to my 360 in a couple of hours.

When Hangar 360 launches I think you should give it a try. For commercial pilots its another great option to offer you clients.


Night Flights

I’m FAA approved now to fly drones at night. Check out my thoughts in an article written by Unmanned Aerial Online http://bit.ly/2mG3OHb

Certificate Waiver Number: 107W-2016-01996

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