York County Law Enforcement

Just got back from York County in Eastern Pennsylvania where I had the honor of flying for a group of law enforcement professionals. Before landing my Phantom 3, I snapped a group selfie of this fine group. From left to right you see me (I’m the guy with the drone.); David Sterner, Chief of Operations, Ruppert Detective Agency (blue shirt with hand on his chin); Chief Brian Rizzo of Northeastern Regional Police Department NERPD, Detective Brian O’Melko, NERPD (blue shirt); Darryl Albright, Chief of York County Detectives and far right in the bright red shirt is Paul Pelaia, Commander of the York County QRT, or “Quick Response Team.”

After flying the Phantom 3 and the Inspire One Pro around NERPD HQ and the surrounding neighborhood, talk in the group was the Phantom 3 would be a better choice for their work since it is smaller, quieter and has a lower profile target. Price also makes the Phantom 3 their best option since they anticipate doing a lot of flying in high-risk situations.


Part 107 Testing

If you plan on taking your “Remote Pilot Certificate” test at the end of August here is what you need to know to sign-up. I completed the process and scheduled my test for August 30th. Follow these steps and you’ll save yourself some time and aggravation. Before running these steps make sure you have your drivers license and a credit card in hand.

How To Register For the Part 107 Test

  1. You CAN’T schedule your test directly with the FAA-approved knowledge testing center.  Booking is done though CATS – the Computer Assisted Testing Service. Go to the CATS site to find a testing center near you.
  2. You CAN’T schedule your test online. You have to call 1-800-947-4228 and book with a CATS representative
  3. You will be asked for your name and address exactly as it appears on your license. They’ll also ask for your place of birth and you email address.
  4. The testing fee is $150. CATS accepts all credit and debit cards for payment.

Once payment has been approved by your credit card company or bank you will receive a confirmation email. You can view mine by clicking the link.

CATS Testing Registration Confirmation

Drone Pose

During a demo flight for some family members I accidentally created an oddly engaging photo. I had the lens of my Inspire One Pro X5 pointing straight down on a hot and humid early evening. My brother-in-law thought the prop wash was a good way to cool-off and looked-up so I snapped the photo. I stipulate this isn’t the safest way to take a photo. But it is safer than looking up at that bird flying overhead.


John Mullally

Listing Photos


While flying a real estate job recently the home owner requested to review every photograph and video being used to market his property before the listing went “live.”  It is an attitude I believe everyone should have when they go to sell their home or other property. It puts the listing agent on notice that they should be using a modern marketing plan that includes aerial photography and it starts with the listing photo.

The listing photo is the first impression left with a potential buyer.  This first photo looks like a cell phone picture shot by someone who didn’t bother to get out of the car.

Listing Shot Poor

The second is a drone shot that cost less than $200 and used by an agent that makes extensive use of aerial photography and video as part of a modern marketing plan.  Ask yourself if the effort put into the listing photo is going to be the same effort put into all the marketing for you home. If it is then which listing shot, and agent, would you rather have working for you?




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